Frequently Asked Questions

The chances are, if you have a question about sat nav or GPS then we can answer it. The idea is for this page to build up over time, but we have a handful of questions to get us started.

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Using speed camera alerts in France
It’s illegal to use any form of speed camera detector or locator when travelling in France. Since 2012 this has applied to sat nav and GPS systems. Therefore, if using your sat nav in France you will need to disable the speed camera notifications. Most models will give you an option to do this, although some may force you to completely remove the safety camera database rather than just disable it. If you use a manufacturer sat nav that is built in to your car, then you’ll need to contact your car dealer to see what they can do for you. Note that it’s still perfectly legal to use speed camera detectors in the UK.

Is using a phone as a sat nav legal?
As we’re all aware, there’s been a recent clamp down on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel, so what happens if you’re using your phone as a sat nav and need to interact with it in some way? As things stand, it is only legal to interact with your phone if it’s docked to the car in some way. If you take the phone off its stand and attempt to type in an address for example, then you will be breaking the law.
What is Voice Control on a sat nav?
Voice control allows you to speak directions to your sat nav instead of type them in. Not all models have this feature, so check before you buy. Whilst not perfect, it can be a useful feature and is undoubtedly a safer option than trying to interact with the screen whilst on the move.