TomTom Rider 410

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The new TomTom Rider 410 replaces the older TomTom Rider 400 model, and includes lifetime maps of Full Europe and lifetime TomTom Traffic. It includes an exciting winding roads feature and bluetooth hand free calling. Also includes lifetime speed camera updates. New for the TomTom RIDER 410 is the opportunity to plan the perfect trip before setting-off using TomTom MyDrive. Users can gain inspiration from riders in the know, and create their own thrilling routes on their PC before uploading them to the RIDER device via MyDrive. Motorcyclists can find some of the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights, by selecting how challenging they want the route to be. Three levels of windiness and hilliness can be selected on the device, ensuring an adrenaline-filled ride. Additionally, Roundtrip Planning enables the user to discover new routes by simply tapping the area they want to explore, define a starting point, and areas to visit.