Garmin Camper 770LMT-D

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The Garmin Camper 770LMT-D was introduced late last year and replaced the popular Camper 760LMT-D. This really has to be the best GPS you can get for camping and caravanning, and even features built-in WiFi. The Camper 770LMT-D is Garmin's advanced navigator for the roving camper enthusiast. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of the open road while travelling with some helpful guidance features. The sat nav has a large, easy-to-view 6.95 inch edge-to-edge touchscreen display that fits prominently in a camper or your car. It provides road warnings and custom routings based on the size and weight specifications of your camper or caravan. It even includes a directory to Motorhome Campsite data from leading sources like ACSI, NKC, and MHF. Filter Campgrounds and stop-over sites with preferred amenities such as electric hookups, showers, and internet access. It also features Easy Route Shaping, Elevation Profile information and millions more new and popular places to visit and explore, thanks to Garmins relationships with TripAdvisor and Foursquare. Compare the best Garmin Camper 770LMT-D prices below.

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There's some good deals to be had on the slightly older Garmin Camper 660 LMT-D. Amazon have a certified refurbished 660 on offer for just over £200.