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We’ve been running this sat nav price comparison site for the past 15 years, and in that time we’ve helped thousands of people buy the right sat nav system for them at the right price. Even though the market has changed considerably over those years, we continue to compare sat nav and sports GPS prices at UK retailers every day. Now we’re well in to 2018 sat navs are more advanced than ever, and there’s exciting new gadgets fitted with GPS, especially in the sports & fitness sectors. We aim to find you the best prices for them all!


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The site has recently had an overhaul to make it even easier to find the right sat nav system for you. Use the navigation bar above to narrow down your search for your sat nav, based on type, features or price range. Additionally, see our very own TomTom and Garmin feature comparison tables to compare all features at a glance.


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If you’re still unsure which sat nav will suit your needs , or if you have a specific question about any of the models we feature throughout this site then feel free to ask us a question via email.

You can contact us at satnav-discounts@live.co.uk


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If and when you feel ready to make a purchase, you can be assured that we’ll be listing the most competitive prices available in the UK, whether this is at our own online shop or at one of the listed retailers. We are always striving to help you find the cheapest sat nav for your needs.

Our established position in the marketplace also allows us to negotiate special deals with some retailers, and we frequently get given discount codes that are exclusive to this site and will give you extra special discounts or perks such as free delivery for your order.


Daily Updates
Our price comparison pages are always up to date with the latest prices at least once a day, and our shop prices are reviewed to be as competitive as possible. And finally, although in their infancy, we’ve set up our own facebook and twitter feeds to alert you to the best deals and sat nav news whilst you’re searching for that ideal cheap sat nav. We update these feeds frequently so feel free to sign up and/or make a comment.


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