Runner 3, Spark 3, Adventurer or Touch?

It’s been an exciting year for TomTom sports watch releases, we’re now on to the third generation of the Runner & the Spark, and there’s a couple of new models named the TomTom Adventurer and the TomTom Touch.

So which watch is right for you? Generally, the Runner 3 is for runners, the Spark 3 is for multisports & training, the Adventurer is for outdoor exploration and outdoor sports, and the Touch is a wristband that can be worn every day to track movement, cardio, calories burned etc.

A very rough idea of what features are included on each is in the table below.


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As you’re probably aware, there’s various editions of each watch out there, the most obvious bundle differences being:


This means the watch can monitor your heartbeat. As well as being a useful reading in its own right, this also enables accurate calculations such as calories burned etc. In these latest versions of the watches, the HRM (Heart rate Monitor) is integrated into the watch (in previous models it’s been a separate strap you have to wear).


This means the watch can store music that you can listen to on the go. Some Music packs also include bluetooth (wireless) headphones.

TomTom Runner 3 vs TomTom Spark 3?

The Runner 3 & Spark 3 share the same specs, hardware and software – the only difference is in the bands available.

What about earlier editions?

You’ll find some earlier editions of these models around some retailers as they make way for stock of the latest models. The first edition TomTom Runner can now be picked up on eBay for around £70. In the same way as the Runner 3 & Spark 3, the original  TomTom Spark and TomTom Runner 2 are actually the same watch (marketed differently).