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Whilst once only known for standalone sat navs (PND’s), TomTom now have a number of different devices on the market. There’s still the popular high-end sat navs of course, with additional variations for trucks & HGVs, and specialist motorcycle sat nav called the TomTom Rider. Additionally there’s now a dedicated Scooter sat nav, the TomTom VIO, and an interesting little device called the TomTom Curfer that plugs into your car. We keep our eye on the best prices and offers, so... More

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TomTom Curfer

The TomTom Curfer is a very interesting little gadget! The Curfer connects to your car and offers to improve your driving. TomTom Curfer plugs into your cars OBD port, links to your smartphone and gives you instant feedback on both your driving technique and your cars performance. It can even help you find where you parked your car. Get coaching tips on acceleration,View more

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TomTom Vio Scooter

Scores 4.3 out of 5 from 7 Amazon Reviewers (view on Amazon).The TomTom Vio is the first ever sat nav for scooters. It's controlled by your smartphone and offers turn-by-turn navigation. Get live route and traffic info streamed from your TomTom VIO app to the glove-friendly waterproof screen on your scoote's mirror bar. Find new streets easily, speed up yourView more

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