TomTom Vio Scooter

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The TomTom Vio is the first ever sat nav for scooters. It's controlled by your smartphone and offers turn-by-turn navigation. Get live route and traffic info streamed from your TomTom VIO app to the glove-friendly waterproof screen on your scoote's mirror bar. Find new streets easily, speed up your commute, or have fun exploring the city for new clubs or restaurants. See who's calling without having to look at your smartphone. Personalise your sat nav in any style you want - to match your scooter, your wardrobe or even your mood. It comes complete with caller display & a glove-friendly waterproof design. Also, if you feel more comfortable riding on smaller roads, you can easily give motorways a miss when you plan your route with TomTom VIO. It will keep you in town by excluding motorway options, so you'll feel comfortable and confident as you scoot. Getting to a new destination is easy when you can personalise your scooting experience and navigate the city your way. Simply disable the motorway option in your TomTom VIO app settings, then relax and enjoy the ride. It also has a great feature that helps you find your friends the easy way - check out the route to any of your contacts with a single tap. The TomTom VIO app displays your smartphone's contacts list so you can calculate the route to their address. The route will then be streamed straight onto your TomTom VIO. It saves you the hassle of creating a special sat nav favourites list for your friend's houses when they're already just a tap away. Add your favourite destinations to the map on your TomTom VIO app, so you can always access them on your sat nav without having to use your phone. Then find out how to get there from anywhere with just a tap. Mark your home, the office, restaurants you love to go to, or cinemas and music venues around town. The fastest routes to your favourite places are only a tap away. TomTom VIO takes the hassle out of getting to the places you love. Compare the best prices below.