TomTom Adventurer

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Released late last year, the TomTom Adventurer is the latest 2017 wearable sports watch from TomTom. The Adventurer is similar to a Spark 3 but with some outdoor-friendly features thrown in. Monitor your heart rate straight from your wrist using the built in HRM - feel the freedom of tracking your pulse without a chest strap. Plan and upload a trail onto your watch before your adventure. Follow it into unchartered territory and find your way back with GPS based trail exploration. The Adventurer has a built-in music player that can store over 500 songs. That's 3GB of music wrapped around your wrist. Enjoy your favourite playlists through wireless headphones and leave your phone at home. Get live stats on the go, including Altitude, 3D Distance, Ascent, Gradient, Pace, Calories burned and more. So you know the terrain and how to take it on. Compare the latest TomTom Adventurer watch prices below.